Limpo’s studio opened its doors in early 2013, primarily as a space for the artist to work and for clients to visit. By October, however, Limpo began to offer workshops in the studio and it was neighborhood children who took a particular interest in the artist himself, asking how he makes his paintings and if he would show them how to make graffiti, etc. As a response to the outpouring of interest Limpo started a tradition of opening the studio one night a week for an interactive open house. During these events every week, the artist works with children from the community to show them about his own work and give them the creative tools to make their own.

This studio continues to be Limpo’s primary workspace and projects, canvases, and illustrations are created in the same space that hosts workshops, Open Houses, and exchanges. The artist encourages the public to come by, meet with the artist, learn more about his work, and engage in the exchange of ideas. The artist maintains the atelier as an open space – a space for art, dreaming, and growth. Please feel welcome to pay us a visit.

– Paloma Contreras

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A space for art, dreaming

and growth.

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